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Tiruchchirappalli (Trichy) lies at the geographical centre of Tamil Nadu, and was the capital of the early Cholas in the 3rd century. It went from the early Cholas to the Pallavas, medieval Cholas, Pandyas, the Delhi Sultanate and Vijaynagars before reaching its zenith under the Madurai Nayaks in the 17th century. Today it is a bustling bazaar town, with some must-see temples and the famous Rock Fort. As a result of the various cultural influences Tiruchirappalli is famous for its various monuments and temples. Also, due to the city being surrounded by various channels of the Kaveri River is rich in vegetation and natural resources. Adding crown to the existing marvels, Tiruchchirappalli officially ranks third position among the cleanest cities in India, next to Mysuru and Chandigarh!